How can automated door openers run?

How can automated door openers run?

The Gear

The MIGHTY MULE 502 offers the recipient, battery and also the powerpack in addition to the motherboard that regulates all of your numerous feedback products.

The Manage Container could be mounted as much as 2.5m in the entrance nevertheless, this length could be elevated by stretching the wire up to and including optimum length of 15m in the entrance alone.

The Manage Container is completely safe and it is made from a toughened cheap and certainly will be mounted out-of vision, we are able to additionally provide a container to accommodate the handle container if necessary for additional protection, please observe our equipment checklist for additional particulars.


The MIGHTY MULE 502 is durable, stainless using improved rust weight & powder-coated steel components.

The Actuator Memory includes a stainless complete and rubberized close to safeguard from water and resolution entering the inner-workings. The advantages of a linear mess actuator helps to ensure that the entrance is kept securely in-place when in available or shut place. The Actuator Memory could be bolted straight to the entrance, the finish flag could be changed with a stainless flag & secure for additional security.The MIGHTY MULE 500 includes 2.5m cable

Installing & Settings

There are lots of various designs for the Actuator Memory to available your entrance, here are pictures of TWO of the very typical fundamental methods.

Draw To Start
This installment technique may be the most typical where in actuality the entrance shifts in to the homeORgarage.

Push-To Start
This installment technique is typical where in MIGHTY MULE 502 actuality the garage inclines up entering the home and-gate should swing-out to prevent disturbance. This kind of installment locations the actuator group and linear actuator in to the generate region somewhat.


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Solar Energy or Mains Electricity

The automated door openers are driven with a twelve-Volt electricity battery which may be billed by possibly ‘Solar Energy’ or ‘240v Mains Energy’.

Solar Energy 12v power

Energy your entrance Operator using 100PERCENT solar energy.

Every single day lighting may strike your solar power using photons (contaminants of daylight)

The solar power changes the photons into electrons of MIGHTY MULE 500 direct-current (power) energy.

The electrons created circulation from the cell and into an inverter (along with other electric security divices)

The inverts changes the “electricity” power into alternating-current or “A-C” energy.

Any solar power not utilized is saved in to the battery to be used during evening or gloomy times.



Mains Electricity 240v AC

When you yourself have mains power within 10m or near closeness for your entrance, you’ll have the choice of operating your automated gate through mains energy.

The entrance openers are provided with a low-voltage transformer which attaches in to the charge control and certainly will effortlessly supply 575 series of procedure each day without lowering the battery cost.

In case of the energy slice the owner may continue steadily to work on the battery (As Much As four weeks if series daily are below twenty).

Find out about solar-powered door openers?


The AManage container’ gets a from any quantity or mixture of crucial controllers or keypads.

The PV PLEASANT equipment are made to make use of the lowest quantity of power feasible to do the task they certainly were made to do, we continue steadily to use items that maintain battery strain to some minimal.