Mighty Mule 500 is a single swing gate opener which can open eighteen feet long and eight hundred fifty lbs weight gates. Mighty Mule 500 has powerful features, for example large control box, 12 volt battery backup and so on. A lot of users are extremely satisfied with this gate opener system. Open and close your gate safely without any fault with Mighty Mule 500 . This automatic gate opener is a remote-controlled gate opener system that comes with all the required installation hardware that you might ever need in order to get it working. It allows you to comfortably open and close your gate using just a transmitter or access control, meaning you can stay in your car during cold, or rainy days, and never think of approaching your gate by foot in order to open it. No! Now you can open your small or large gates from a distance at your convenience. It can be easily installed to a number of driveway gate applications, and perfectly works with all kinds of swing gates including tube, aluminum, chain link, ornamental, panel, vinyl and wood gates. It is equipped with special soft start/soft stop technology, which is found in top quality professional grade systems, meaning that Mighty Mule is amongst them. This innovative technology lets you control the speed of the gate while opening or closing the gate, so you can minimize the stress of the mechanism, thus the lifespan increases dramatically. Additionally, one of the best features of this particular model is that it is equipped with an efficient battery backup system, which means that you will be able to keep using the gate even when the power goes out. However, the cycles are limited per day, and you have a maximum of 225 of them using an AC transformer, but I think it is much more than enough don’t you agree? I have used the gate for maximum 5 cycles on a single day, and that is my record. I cannot imagine someone using it for more than or even around 225 cycles. This gate opener has a relatively low voltage, battery operated system that is easily installable in around 2 or maximum 3 hours. This kit, as well as all the kits from Mighty Mule, comes with an installation DVD along with easy-to-read instructions. In this kit you will find a gate opener, transmitter, battery, control box, receiver, hardware, transformer, and signs. The above mentioned large control box delivers space for an additional battery and/or accessories. You might ask what kind of accessories a gate opener supports, but here are some: gate opening sensors, digital keypads, pin locks, automatic gate locks, solar panels, and much more to enhance your experience with the automatic gate opener system. The UL325 safety standards are a priority of this automatic gate opener, meaning that if it comes in a contact with any kind of object, whether it is a car, human, or a dog, the system will stop instantly, and reverse the direction of the gate automatically. If the gate touches the object on its way back as well, it will start an alarm sound, which will keep playing for a good 5 minutes. This particular model comes with a standard warranty against defects and failures for a period of 18 months. This one is my personal favorite due to its specifications and simplicity to install and use.
$469.99 USD
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  • 🌟Gate Length: Up to 18 ft
  • 🌟Gate Weight: Up to 850 lbs
  • 🌟Gate Type: Single Swing
  • 🌟Warranty: 18 months
  • 🌟Large control box
  • 🌟12-volt battery backup


  • ✔ Mounting hardware & brackets
  • ✔ Transformer
  • ✔ Transmitter
  • ✔ Installation manual
  • ✔ One gate opener arm
  • ✔ Control box
  • ✔ Control board
  • ✔ Battery