MIGHTY MULE 502 automated door operator may take advantageous asset

Since 1987, individuals at Great Mule have now been accounted for a few of the greatest automated door openers in the world. The entrance operator technologies they have assisted to the leader is extremely versatile and flexible to some wide selection of circumstances, eventualities, and installment, supplying people with the chance to set up they’re personal automated door operator and never have to call in the experts to handle it for these.

The MIGHTY MULE 502 is deemed the very best boom for the dollar DIY entrance operator accessible in the organization, plus one of the very easy and simple items that you’ll have the ability to deploy by yourself. The whole program is fairly small and meant for single-swing entrance as high as 12-feet lengthy and 300 lbs in fat, and certainly will be mounted in around three or several hrs even more quickly when you yourself have a few additions on the job terrace to assist you away!
Produced correctly within the USA of America, this MIGHTY MULE 502 automated door operator may take advantageous asset of several various energy vegetation to supply anyone using the power of a computerized entrance starting system. It has a program that may be born straight to a vehicle battery regarding cable-free utilize but may also be connected to some solar power or born straight into your electric grid to supply constant energy as well.

Monte within the container?

Youll gets immediate use of definitely all you need to get going using the installment correct from the container. The purchase of the MIGHTY MULE 502 may assure you obtain the entrance starting piston module, the ability grow and car-battery module, the cellular handheld remote control program, and all the installation supports and components essential to get your brand-new automated door operator ready to go in the reporting period.

Much better than that, you’ll even be in a position to make the most of the comprehensive directions in a number of dialects (as well as in installment Disc using guidelines and methods to simply help the procedure proceeds a little softer), ensuring that you’re in a position to deploy this order and manage component system-all by yourself with no headaches or trouble whatsoever.

$895.00 USD
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Design & Unique functions

The MIGHTY MULE 502 create is recognized as to become the very best price accessible out of this organization due to the well created and cheap answer it offers. Created especially for entrance this way up to and including highest of 300 lbs or are in optimum 12-feet lengthy, this really is among the many flexible automated starting methods you’ll discover available on the market nowadays.

Functions include:

The capability to be mounted on the number of various entrance (including string-hyperlink, pipe, wooden or steel cell, plastic, etc.) using home resources
The MIGHTY MULE 502 to be driven with a 12v auto battery, conventional electric grid currently wired-up to your house, or an additional item solar power
Totally waterproof and weather-resistant building and style
Addition of a computerized distant starting program that functions correctly from the container
Extremely small, the MIGHTY MULE 502 steps simply EIGHT by 32 x-6 and is just a little more than 16 lbs. We’re speaking frankly about a few entrance starting technologies below!

To Sum Up

At the conclusion of your day, if you like to be certain that you’re having your on the job an excellent device, the type of entrance operator technologies you know you’re likely to have the ability to depend on each and every day from below on away whatever the climate or every other facet and need in order to set up that system-all by yourself, you’ve to become at least a bit insane to maneuver ahead using something apart from the MIGHTY MULE 502.

It’s that great!