Mighty Mule 502 is one of the bestselling gate openers. It is an updated version of old gate openers from Mighty Mule. Mighty Mule 502 offers you compatibility with all types of gates: tube, ornamental, chain link and others. Eighteen feet and eight hundred fifty lbs gate is not a problem for Mighty Mule 502 . Customers will not be disappointed with this high quality gate opener system. Mighty Mule FM502 is made for simple installation on a pull-to-open dual leaf gate (for example the gates that open into the property). But in order you buy an accessory bracket, you have an opportunity to get a push-to-open dual leaf gate (opening out from the property). The gates length limit is 18 ft, and the weight limit is to be 350 pounds per leaf, or it could be 850 pounds, but 6 feet in length. As already said it could be used an these types of gates: chain link, aluminum, vinyl, farm tube, and wrought iron gates, but unfortunately it is recommended not to use on solid wood gates because they have very high resistance on wind, and if the wind gets too strong, the opener will stop operating. In the package, you get a single opener for a single gate, one entry transmitter, a transformer that recharges your battery, control box, receiver, mounting brackets, bracket hardware, 10-ft battery wire harness, instruction manual and installation video, 4-1/2” template, extended warranty form, customer support card and two warning signs (I think the package contains more than enough items). This is what you should call a full box! Also if you are planning on purchasing the product, it is worth mentioning that It requires a 12-volt automotive or marine battery, which unfortunately is not included and you have to buy it on your own. The models Mighty Mule FM500 and FM200, as well as US Automatic Sentry, have almost the same kits. FM502 is very durable, and it is equipped with a soft start/soft stop function, as well as adjustable gate activation alert and a large control box that is prewired for an additional battery, which is recommended for either solar or dual purposes, but is not included. The 12-Volt DC-powered low-voltage delivers superior performance and is highly reliable. It is perfect for either gates that open into the property, or the ones that open outside the property. It has an adjustable function of sensing the obstruction. This safety feature stops the gate and reverses the direction of it in case it comes in a contact with any kind of object. You have an option to adjust the gate to stay open for 120 seconds before closing automatically. This gate opener’s weight goes up to 54.6 pounds and the dimensions are 15 x 46 x 15-inches. To conclude, this is a very solid, reliable, and durable product from Mighty Mule that delivers a variety of range options of gate opening. It is very install and to operate the whole thing by yourself, without the need of paying extra money to electricians. It is a guarantee that you will not regret purchasing this item.
$895.00 USD
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  • 🌟Gate Length: Up to 18 ft
  • 🌟Gate Weight: Up to 850 lbs
  • 🌟Gate Type: Dual Swing
  • 🌟Warranty: 18 months
  • 🌟AC powered
  • 🌟Solar powered


  • ✔ Mounting hardware & brackets
  • ✔ Transformer
  • ✔ Transmitter
  • ✔ Receiver
  • ✔ Installation manual
  • ✔ Two gate opener arms
  • ✔ Control box
  • ✔ Control board
  • ✔ Battery