Mighty Mule FM200

Mighty Mule FM200 is designed for single swing gates, and it is one of the most simple and straightforward pieces of equipment that you will be able to install on your own. If you decide that you need a gate opener, and check the prices, you will see by yourself that Mighty Mule FM200 is one of the cheapest and easy to install gate openers. That’s why it became so popular. The FM200 is widely regarded as the best option for saving money and its simplicity to install just by yourself and operate, without the need of paying additional bucks to an electrician or specialist. The whole system is very compact and it is made especially for swing gates that are up to 12ft in length, and 300 pounds in weight. The entire installation process takes just about three hours, or even less if you have couple of other people helping you out. The Mighty Mule FM200 as well as all the other products from Mighty Mule is manufactured in United States of America and it delivers an advantage over multiple different power plants in order to provide you with an ultra reliable automatic gate opening system. It is equipped with a mechanism that easily wires to an automobile battery in case you want to have “cable free” use. Additionally, one of the best features from this particular model is that it can be powered by a solar panel, using the natural power of sun. Also, it can be wired directly to your electrical grid in order to have reliable continuous power. As already mentioned, setting up this item is considered as one of the easiest and the best values available from not only this company, but also from lots of its competitors. In case you are looking for an automatic gate opening system, and you are in a search of the easy-to-install-and-use one, also having a very reasonable price tag on it.
$288.86 USD
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  • 🌟Gate Length: Up to 12 ft (3.7m)
  • 🌟Gate Weight: Up to 300 lbs
  • 🌟Gate Type: Single Swing
  • 🌟Warranty: 12 months
  • 🌟AC powered
  • 🌟Solar powered


  • ✔ Mounting hardware
  • ✔ Transformer
  • ✔ Transmitter
  • ✔ Installation manual
  • ✔ One gate opener arm
  • ✔ Control box with built-in receiver