Mighty Mule MM260

Mighty Mule MM260 is an ideal gate opener equipped with Mighty Mule’s well-known Dual Sense Technology. It is compatible with 5 watt solar panel and works with two types of batteries: marine and automotive. Designed for simplicity, you can install it in just couple of hours, or even less if you have couple of hands helping you out. The system is easy enough to install just by yourself too. The Mighty Mule MM260 is the most affordable option from Mighty Mule that can easily be utilized for a variety of applications such as agricultural, residential, farm and ranch, and so on. The MM260 as well as every product from Mighty Mule is designed to be incredibly easy to install with no need of electrician or welding. It is meant to be used with single swing gates up to 12 ft. long or weighing up to 300 lbs. The Mighty Mule MM260 as well as all of the Mighty Mule automatic gate openers, is solar capable, meaning that it can operate only using the continuous power of sun. It is compatible with all additional Mighty Mule accessories such as keypads, gate opening remotes, and gate opening sensors. The kits comes with everything you might need for installation, unfortunately except for a 12-Volt Automotive or Marine type battery that is capable of producing a minimum of 250 cold cranking amps (CCA). The above mentioned optional accessories for example remote controls, keypads, solar panels, vehicle exit sensors, etc., can be purchased either at online retail websites, or at the stores. As already mentioned, the MM260 is equipped with the Dual Sense Technology, which meets the UL325’s 6th Edition Standards, meaning that it delivers extra protection and safety. The MM260 became many people’s favorite instantly after the first use, and the users claimed that it performs very well, and that they have not experienced any major problems.
$269.96 USD
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  • 🌟Gate Length: Up to 12 ft (3.7 m)
  • 🌟Gate Weight: Up to 300 lbs
  • 🌟Gate Type: Single Swing
  • 🌟Warranty: 12 months
  • 🌟 AC powered
  • 🌟Solar powered


  • ✔ Mounting hardware
  • ✔ Transformer
  • ✔ Transmitter
  • ✔ Receiver
  • ✔ Installation manual
  • ✔ Single gate opener arm
  • ✔ Control box