Professionals of the Solitary Door Operator

After decades of having out and in of the vehicle to available and near our entrance garage entrance, we ultimately went forward and mounted a MIGHTY MULE MM260 gate operator. Because we’re fairly dependable about maintaining the entrance close, starting and shutting the entrance personally (particularly during bad climate) received turn into a normal irritation.

Professionals of the Great Mule 500 HD Solitary Door Operator (FM500)
The Great Mule door operator could be mounted with a single-person by having a typical little bit of DIY ability.
Great Mule provides a big choice of entrance operator equipment — in the FM135 push-button distant towards the MIGHTY MULE MM260 cellular accessibility keyboard
The Great Mule door operator could be hard-wired or billed having a solar power
The MIGHTY MULE MM260 could be designed to remain available till shut or even too near instantly following a brief delay.
The May Mule door operator features a battery back-up to keep consistently the entrance working in case of the power outage.

$269.96 USD
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Negatives of the Great Mule 500 HD Solitary Door Operator (FM500)
The MIGHTY MULE MM260 list cost contains merely a solitary handheld remote control — if you like a keyboard or utilize several vehicles, you’ll need certainly to purchase equipment.
With no elective FM133 Entrance Owner Protection Pin-Lock, the entrance operations equip can very quickly be eliminated.
When the Great Mule door opener is placed to instantly near, the only path to depart it available would be to turn fully off the operator.

Explanation of the Great Mule 500 HD Solitary Door Operator (FM500)
The list cost of the Great Mule isn’t really cheap, but are available online regarding really inexpensive costs.
The Great Mule may available and close-up to 225 periods daily utilizing transformer charger.
The operator may run single-swing entrance up eighteen ft. or as much as 850 pounds.
Great Mule provides an 18-month Restricted Guarantee on the door openers.
The MIGHTY MULE MM260 may be used regarding possible entrance that available into or out of the home.
The entrance opener includes a soft-start OR gentle quit function to improve the lifespan of one’s components and operator.
Great Mule provides two additional entrance openers, the light-duty MIGHTY MULE MM260 entrance operator regarding twin entrance.